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Fuse Pyrotechnics is a family-owned and operated pyrotechnics and effects company dedicated to creating truly spectacular productions using fireworks, flames and special effects.

Fuse Pyrotechnics specialises in close-proximity and indoor pyrotechnics where space is restricted right through to spectacular outdoor fireworks displays featuring large ground and aerial pyrotechnics.

Also offering non-pyrotechnic effects such as CO2, low-lying fog and streamers/confetti, we have all the ways to make your next event truly memorable.

We are young and energetic. We have the genuine passion and excitement for creating awe-inspiring productions. And we invest the time, energy and resources to ensure our work is not just good, but incredible.

Product/Service Summary


Noise, colour and movement are all attributes that can be customised to produce a fireworks display capable of leaving your audience speechless. Working closely with our clients, Fuse Pyrotechnics specialises in producing spectacular displays outdoors, indoors and up close.


Our flame effects bring any event to life – from live performances to corporate functions or even as an addition to an outdoor fireworks display. The use of flame is a versatile medium for enhancing the atmosphere of your event, from a low flicker to giant eruptions of fire radiating waves of heat. Fuse Pyrotechnics can do it all.


At Fuse Pyrotechnics, we are more than just fireworks. We are also a specialist provider of non-pyrotechnic effects to suit any event or venue.

Bring the excitement closer to your audience with a blast of CO2 or a shower of confetti. Fuse Pyrotechnics can integrate our range of effects into any event production, safely and without fuss.

Servicing the entire Sunshine Coast from Glass House Mountains in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north.