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By: Splash Events.

Are you seeking to host a corporate event that is truly exceptional?

When organising a Corporate Event, do you want your guests to leave with a lasting impression? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The creation of a distinctive and unforgettable look and ambiance for your event is key. As experienced stylists and planners, here are our top tips to take your event to the next level:

To start off, consider the overall theme you want to create for your event. Whether it spans over a few days or is an epic one-night themed party, this could serve as the cornerstone of the entire occasion. In any case, setting the right ambiance and atmosphere from the outset is crucial.

Choosing a theme:

Your theme should reflect your event goals and objectives. For instance, a futuristic theme could be ideal for launching a new product, while a classic, elegant theme might suit a celebration of your company’s achievements. If you’re looking for a more energetic vibe, you could consider a vibrant party theme like Havana Nights or a Coachella Festival. Need more inspo? View our event gallery here.

Furniture and décor to set the scene:

When it comes to event styling and theming, having a consistent look with the furniture and décor is key. Your decor is the first thing your guests will see and sets the tone for the entire event. By incorporating innovative and eye-catching decor ideas, you can transform your event space into a visually stunning and immersive environment that captures your guests’ attention from the moment they walk in the door. And the furniture should also be both functional and stylish, ensuring your guests are comfortable while contributing to the overall aesthetic of your event.

Table Settings & Centrepieces:

If you are having a sit down function or gala dinner. Don’t overlook the power of stunning tablescapes. These should tie in with your overall theme. For example if you are going for a grand luxury gala dinner, consider gold beaded charger plates, lush table linens, speciality gold cutlery and crystal glassware. Or for a more fun vibrant event, bright colours and matching centrepieces can lift can be used to create a specific look and feel for your event.

Add in Floral Arrangements:

Using flowers as decor elements can add colour and texture to your event. Lush floral centrepieces, epic hanging installations and pops of floral can really make a difference to the overall look. Floral arrangements can enhance the space, match the decor, and help create the theme and atmosphere. For instance, pineapples and bright florals could be perfect for your tropical-themed event.

Lighting is key!

Lighting is a crucial component of event design, and the right lighting can transform your event space into a magical and memorable experience. There are a variety of lighting options available to suit your specific needs and create the ambiance you desire. Fairy lights or festoon lighting are perfect for outdoor events, while ambient lighting achieved through the use of lanterns and candles can create a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for more intimate events such as dinner parties or cocktail receptions.

Incorporate branding:

Your company’s branding should be incorporated subtly and stylishly into the event styling and theming. This could include using your company colours, custom signage, branded materials, and other clever ideas. Doing this will reinforce your brand identity and create a consistent brand experience for your guests.


And to top it all off. Use amazing and relevant entertainment options can enhance the event experience. Live music, interactive performers, or engaging keynote speakers could be included.

Work with professionals

Last but not least! Working with experienced event suppliers such as our team at Splash Events can make planning and executing a successful corporate event much easier. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from the initial concept and design phase to the day-of execution, ensuring your event exceeds your expectations.

We love creating unforgettable event experiences, so let us help take your corporate event to the next level. If you are planning a Corporate event on the Sunshine Coast – get in touch with Splash Events today.